There has been a new player milestone reached in Master Bass Angler!

         "bigtex44" level 76!

Angler bigtex44 is the first player to reach level 60, AND level 70 (Level 76 to be exact).

The next highest player is Angler Johnny mack at level 58.  It shows just how impressive this accomplishment is for bigtex44.  He's not only the highest level, he's the highest level by 18 levels.

Congratulations to bigtex44, the sole Angler higher than level 60!
The recent record for number of bass caught in a single Tournament has been beaten!

The new World Record holder is now "The Iceman" with a grand total of 811 bass in a single Tournament!  That's not a typo folks, it's the real deal.

                                                     The Iceman
                  811 BASS!

The previous record was previously held by angler "jenk20", who caught 704 in a Tournament just 3 days ago.

There is no doubt that new anglers will be gunning for a new record with the recent hot streak of bass in Master Bass Angler.

Bass On!
This weekend, Gold Helm Games is proud to announce their first in-game promotion!

All Tournament brackets this Saturday and Sunday will have DOUBLE PRIZES!  Double Gems, Double Coins, Double the excitement!

Be sure to log in this weekend to see all of the action!
Today a new Master Bass Angler World Record was set.

Angler jenk20 crushed the previous record for number of bass caught in a Tournament.  The previous record was set by fish nemesis at 528!  I know, how could that possibly be beat?

Well, jenk20 did it with a grand total of 704!

On top of that, jenk20 is a BRAND NEW PLAYER!  That's right, they started playing today around 12:00pm Central Time, reaching level 15 to accomplish this amazing record. (Unlimited Hearts surely helped in their effort, hint, hint)

Congratulations jenk20, and may you catch many more bass on your Master Bass Angler journey.

Oh, we also awarded jenk20 100 green gems for their herculean effort.  Watch out bass, I'm sure this won't be the only record this mighty angler sets.

As a side note, we will be adding the total # of fish caught on the Tournament results screen in an upcoming update.  Yes, we are adding this because of you jenk20.

Bass On!
Bracket Change Notice:

Based on Customer feedback, we are going to change the way the current bracket system works.  Currently, the bracket system will move players up and down brackets based on their wins and losses.  We have found that this can put a player into a bracket that they may not belong in, which may seem a little unfair.  The new bracket system will put players in a bracket purely based on the level group they are in.  Here are the level groups:

BRACKET                             LEVEL GROUP
Casual                                 1-7
Angler                                 8-19
Expert                                 20-29
Pro                                      30-39
Elite                                     40 and up

Basically, anytime you unlock a new lake (levels 8, 20, 30, 40), you will be moved to the next bracket.  We think this will be more fair, and easier to understand for everyone playing.


All of the players have been great (and we've been adding a lot of them lately), because of this, we've added a new bracket: The "Expert" bracket.

Current Brackets:
Casual - All new players enter through this bracket
Angler - You've shown that you can win against the Casual players, welcome to "Angler"
Expert - You are the best of the best when it comes to Bass Fishing, an "Expert" you are

Why did we add the "Expert" bracket?

There are a few different reasons, but the main reason is that some players are playing a TON, and they are leveling up quite quickly.  When this happens, they are able to catch bigger bass than other players, so creating another bracket will allow them to play against each other instead of the lower level players.

With that said, there will be players that get bumped up to the "Expert" bracket that may not be of the highest level.  This happened because they have been winning in the lower brackets, and shown that they can compete with the best anglers around.

The bracket system is a free-flowing system that will move players around based on how well they are playing.  Play well and you may be moved up a bracket, play poorly and you may be moved down.  We've created a system that we believe is fair to most players, and will allow them win if they are playing well.

Please keep in mind that the system also checks for players that are trying to lose on purpose to compete in lower brackets (aka. Sandbaggers).  Play fairly and compete in the bracket you should be in and you'll have no problems.

If you have any questions about the brackets or any other general game questions, feel free to comment below!
MILESTONE: #153 Top Grossing Sports Game (USA Google Play Store)

I think that officially makes us one of the best free fishing games for Android, but I know we can go even higher in the ranks!

Thanks to all of the players that enjoy playing as much as we do, you're the best!