All of the players have been great (and we've been adding a lot of them lately), because of this, we've added a new bracket: The "Expert" bracket.

Current Brackets:
Casual - All new players enter through this bracket
Angler - You've shown that you can win against the Casual players, welcome to "Angler"
Expert - You are the best of the best when it comes to Bass Fishing, an "Expert" you are

Why did we add the "Expert" bracket?

There are a few different reasons, but the main reason is that some players are playing a TON, and they are leveling up quite quickly.  When this happens, they are able to catch bigger bass than other players, so creating another bracket will allow them to play against each other instead of the lower level players.

With that said, there will be players that get bumped up to the "Expert" bracket that may not be of the highest level.  This happened because they have been winning in the lower brackets, and shown that they can compete with the best anglers around.

The bracket system is a free-flowing system that will move players around based on how well they are playing.  Play well and you may be moved up a bracket, play poorly and you may be moved down.  We've created a system that we believe is fair to most players, and will allow them win if they are playing well.

Please keep in mind that the system also checks for players that are trying to lose on purpose to compete in lower brackets (aka. Sandbaggers).  Play fairly and compete in the bracket you should be in and you'll have no problems.

If you have any questions about the brackets or any other general game questions, feel free to comment below!


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