Today a new Master Bass Angler World Record was set.

Angler jenk20 crushed the previous record for number of bass caught in a Tournament.  The previous record was set by fish nemesis at 528!  I know, how could that possibly be beat?

Well, jenk20 did it with a grand total of 704!

On top of that, jenk20 is a BRAND NEW PLAYER!  That's right, they started playing today around 12:00pm Central Time, reaching level 15 to accomplish this amazing record. (Unlimited Hearts surely helped in their effort, hint, hint)

Congratulations jenk20, and may you catch many more bass on your Master Bass Angler journey.

Oh, we also awarded jenk20 100 green gems for their herculean effort.  Watch out bass, I'm sure this won't be the only record this mighty angler sets.

As a side note, we will be adding the total # of fish caught on the Tournament results screen in an upcoming update.  Yes, we are adding this because of you jenk20.

Bass On!


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