There will be a game update sometime this week, and we wanted to give you the details ahead of time.

• NEW Bonus round - Target Time Bonus
• Lakes will unlock sooner - Move on to the bigger lakes quicker
• Swapped Master Angler talent with Hookset Specialist

More in depth details about the additions/changes:

• Target Time Bonus

This new bonus round is a target knock-em-down mini-game that will give players a quick break from fishing to gain some extra coins and gems.  There are 3 different targets (1) Gem Targets, (2) Coin Targets, and (3) NEGATIVE Target.  The idea is simple, touch the GOOD targets when they appear on screen, and avoid the NEGATIVE targets.  Bonus rounds start at level 3.

• Lakes Unlock Sooner
Players will need less experience per level after Lake Kentucky to unlock the lakes, therefore making unlocking lakes quicker overall.

• Swap Master Angler with Hookset Specialist
The fight meter seems to be the more difficult of the 2 meters, so we thought that Master Angler wold be a better 2nd-tier talent choice.  Your current talent tree may look a little bit weird once this update goes out, but once you update Master Angler to level 3 all should be back to normal!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here or on our Facebook Page!


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