An exciting new bonus round has been added to Master Bass Angler, the "Bobbin' Bobber Bonus".
But how do you get to this Bonus Round?

Fair enough question... the answer?  Start leveling up!

Bonus Rounds begin after the player reaches 3rd level, and will appear every other level after that.  Bonus Rounds give the player a much needed break after catching so many bass, and award Coins and Gems for their effort.

How do you play?

There are 5 bobbers in the water, each of them waiting to be taken under by a fish.  When you start to see a nibble, simply touch the bobber to see what you've caught.  That sounds easy doesn't it?  Well, these fish are HUNGRY and will do anything to steal your bait, the bobber along with it.  You have to act fast in this Bonus Round, but the rewards are worth the effort.  Bonus Rounds get increasingly more difficult as you level up, so be prepared for some fast action.

There will be more 


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